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The girl in the treehouse

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    Imagine... growing up in an abusive, unfinished geodesic dome home with no heat or running water, wearing the same clothes to school every day, and eating breakfast cereal with warm goat milk. In this whimsical, poetic, and gripping autobiography, Jennifer Asbenson recounts her dysfunctional and chaotic upbringing, her abduction and escape from a serial killer, her years in and out of mental hospitals, her decision to heal herself, and ultimately, her path to wholeness. Jennifer tells how, from her youngest years, she learned to retreat into her imagination to develop the ability to survive. The Girl in the Treehouse is a profoundly compelling story, told with honesty and without self-pity, of Jennifer's emergence from mental illness and despair to happiness, through the power of forgiveness and self-love.

    Original Publisher: Los Gatos, Smashwords Edition
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9780463138663
    Collection(s)/Series: Mental Health Resources