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The hideous hidden

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  • Author: Legris, Sylvia

    In her first full-length collection published in the United States, Sylvia Legris probes and peels, carves and cleaves, amputates and dissects, to reveal the poetic potential of human and animal anatomy. Starting with the Greek writings of Hippocrates and the Latin language of medicine, and drawing from Leonardo da Vinci’s Anatomical Manuscripts, the dermatologist Robert Willan’s On Cutaneous Diseases (1808), and Baudelaire’s The Flowers of Evil, Legris infuses each poem with unique rhythms that roll off the tongue. The Hideous Hidden boldly celebrates anatomy’s wonders: “Renounce the vestibule of non-vital vitals. / Confess the gallbladder, / the glandular wallflowers, / the objectionable oblong spleen.”

    • Machine generated contents note: Tell No Lies And Do No Harm
    • Articulation Points
    • Fleshes
    • Vitals
    • Airs, Waters, Places
    • Fleshes 2
    • On the General Nature of the Glands
    • Fleshes 3
    • Coaguably
    • Opera Somnia
    • Fleshes 4
    • Midwinter The Cut-Time
    • Island of Prosections 1
    • 4
    • Cold Zodiac and Butchered Pig
    • Capita Mortua
    • Details of Articulated Skeletons
    • List of Demonstrations of Different Parts of the Human Body
    • Anatomy of a Bear's Foot
    • Lungs and Other Viscera
    • Heart Compared to a Seed
    • Uterus of a Gravid Cow
    • Skull Sectioned
    • Tongue and the Production of the Voice
    • Recto: The Bladder. Verso: The Lungs
    • Studies of an Ox's Heart
    • Perficio
    • Sweetly Bred
    • Serenade the Glands
    • Adrenals
    • Thymus
    • Thymus 2
    • Glandula Botanica
    • Part the Second
    • Part the Third
    • Hymn/Spleen
    • Spleen (Hollyhock)
    • Spleen (Auricula)
    • Spleen (Blood lily)
    • Spleen (Magnolia)
    • Spleen (Papaver somniferum)
    • Spleen (Narcissus)
    • Lesser Atlas Of Cutaneous Eruptions
    • Papulæ (Order I.)
    • Another Botched Botanical Diagnosis
    • Rash Articulates Couplets
    • Squamæ (Order II.)
    • Small and Accumulated Elevations
    • Sing Scarlatina (Exanthemata, Order III.)
    • Bullæ (Order IV)
    • (Some Measure Stung) Pustulæ
    • Family Vespidæ
    • Pustulæ (Order V.)
    • Vesiculæ (Order VI.)
    • Tuberculæ (Order VII.)
    • Maculæ (Order VIII.)
    • Dermal Excrescences (Order IX.)
    • Dermal Dernier Cri.
    Subject(s): Anatomy | Poetry
    Original Publisher: New York, New Directions Paperbook Original
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9780811225373, 0811225372
    Collection(s)/Series: Saskatchewan Book Awards 2018