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Holy war : cowboys, Indians, and 9/11s

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    Noam Chomsky and George W. Bush seldom agree, but they both argued that 9/11 stood alone in American history. Although the use of airplanes as weapons of mass destruction was new, Mark Anderson maintains that the response to the attack was not: it was, in fact, as old as the Republic itself. Beginning with the Mexican-American War and ending with the invasion of Iraq, Holy War probes presidential speeches, news reports, editorial cartoons, television programs, and films to uncover how the United States reverts back to its creation mythology of "fighting Indians" to justify centuries of American imperialism.

    • Introduction : "A mission from God"
    • Polk's war : "Blessings of Heaven"
    • Jesus Custer : "The bulliest day since Christ was born"
    • The Mexican revolution : "A chaos of the land"
    • Augusto Sandino : "Fly in the ointment"
    • Rambo's Vietnam : "You just don't turn it off "
    • Ronald Reagan's Nicaragua : "This shining city"
    • Conclusion : "Wake-up call from God".
    Original Publisher: Regina, Saskatchewan, University of Regina Press
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9780889774148, 0889774145
    Collection(s)/Series: Saskatchewan Book Awards 2017