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    Imperium is the story of an empire: the constellation of states that was submerged under a single identity for most of the twentieth century - the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. This is Kapuscinski's vivid, compelling and personal report on the life and death of the Soviet superpower, from the entrance of Soviet troops into his hometown in Poland in 1939, through his journey across desolate Siberia and the republics of Central Asia in the 1950s and 60s, to his wanderings over the vast Soviet lands - from Poland to the Pacific, the Arctic Circle to Afghanistan - in the years of the USSR's decline and final disintegration in 1991.

    • First encounters (1939-1967). Pińsk, '39 ; The Trans-Siberian, '58 ; The South, '67
    • From a bird's-eye view (1989-1991). The third Rome ; The temple and the palace ; We look, we cry ; The man on the asphalt mountain ; Fleeing from oneself ; Vorkuta-to freeze in fire ; Tomorrow, the Revolt of the Bashkirs ; Russian mystery play ; Jumping over puddles ; Kolyma, fog and more fog ; The Kremlin: the magic mountain ; The trap ; Central Asia-the destruction of the sea ; Pomona of the little town of Drohobych ; Return to my hometown
    • The sequel continues (1992-1993).
    Original Publisher: New York, A.A. Knopf
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9780679747802