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Keeping our cool : Canada in a warming world

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  • Author: Weaver, Andrew

    "Monster wildfires in Australia, January golfers in PEI, ruined fruit crops in California, starving polar bears in the North. Climate change is no longer a vague threat. Over the next few centuries climate changes will be greater and occur faster than at any time in 10,000 years. Brilliantly researched, Keeping Our Cool is an engaging examination of global warming, with specific emphasis on Canada. Weaver explains the levels of greenhouse gas emissions needed to stabilize the climate and offers solutions and a path toward a sustainable future." --from publisher

    • Global warming in the news
    • A passage through time
    • The nature of things
    • The human footprint
    • Turbulent times
    • Investing in the future.
    Original Publisher: Toronto, Viking Canada
    Language(s): English