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Life is hard machismo, danger, and the intimacy of power in Nicaragua

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    • This Book and Its Title
    • Personas
    • Pt. I. Life
    • I. Junkyards
    • II. Beating One's Wife
    • III. Murdering One's Husband's Lover
    • IV. Coping with Less: Compadrazgo, Friendship, and Provisioning
    • V. Chicken Soup; or, Gossip, Tradition, and the Anthropologist
    • VI. Censoring La semana comica
    • Pt. II. Some Lives
    • VII. Rolando
    • VIII. Flora
    • IX. Osvaldo
    • X. Elvis
    • XI. Roger
    • XII. Maximo
    • XIII. Jaime
    • XIV. Jazmina
    • XV. Virgilio
    • Pt. III. Power, Politics, and Personal Life
    • XVI. Dealing with Danger
    • XVII. The Negro of the Family
    • XVIII. Subject Honor, Object Shame.
    Original Publisher: Berkeley : University of California Press, c1992
    Language(s): English