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The Luck of Ginger Coffey

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  • Author: MOORE, Brian
    Contributor: Human, Male

    "No, for wasn't this the chance he had always wanted? Wasn't he at long last an adventurer, a man who had gambled all on one horse, a horse coloured Canada, which now by hook or by crook would carry him to fame and fortune?" Meet Ginger Coffey, the irrepressible fortune-hunter of Brian Moore's award-winning novel.The Luck of Ginger Coffeyis the robust, funny, sometimes tragic tale of one unforgettable Irish immigrant to Montreal. Buoyed by unfailing optimism, Ginger confronts the ugly realities of life in the New World. Jobs are scarce, people often inhuman. And dreams of glory do not offer any lasting escape from the hard pinch of poverty. In spite of the battering he receives in his struggle for survival, Ginger Coffey emerges a true hero the "little" man who can be defeated by anything, except life itself.

    Original Publisher: Toronto, Canadian National Institute for the Blind
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 0586087028