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Murach's Python programming : beginner to pro

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  • Author: Urban, Michael
    Contributor: Murach, Joel

    If you want to learn how to program but don't know where to start, this is the right book and the right language for you. From the first page, our unique self-paced approach will help you build competence and confidence in your programming skills. And Python is the best language ever for learning how to program because of its simplicity and breadth]]two features that are hard to find in a single language. But this isn't just a book for newbies! Our self-paced approach also works for experienced programmers, helping you learn faster and better than you've ever learned a language before. By the time you're through, you will have mastered all of the Python skills that are needed on the job, including those for object-oriented, database, and GUI programming. To make all of this possible, section 1 of this book presents an 8-chapter course that will get anyone off to a great start. Section 2 builds on that base by presenting the other essential skills that every Python programmer should have. Section 3 shows you how to develop object-oriented programs, a critical skillset in today's world. And section 4 shows you how to apply all of the skills that you've already learned as you build database and GUI programs for the real world.

    • Section 1 Essential concepts and skills
    • An introduction to Python programming
    • How to write your first programs
    • How to code control statements
    • How to define and use functions and modules
    • How to test and debug a program
    • How to work with lists and tuples
    • How to work with file I/O
    • How to handle exceptions
    • Section 2 Other concepts and skills
    • How to work with numbers
    • How to work with strings
    • How to work with dates and times
    • How to work with dictionaries
    • How to work with recursion and algorithms
    • Section 3 Object-oriented programming
    • How to define and use your own classes
    • How to work with inheritance
    • How to design an object-oriented program
    • Section 4 Database and GUI programming
    • How to work with a database
    • How to build a GUI program.
    Original Publisher: Fresno, CA, Mike Murach & Associates
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 1890774979, 9781890774974