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Paris 1919 six months that changed the world

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    In this work of narrative history, MacMillan brings extraordinary personalities to life. The great-granddaughter of Lloyd George, she makes use of his personal papers and gives a scintillating view of those dramatic and fateful days when much of the modern world was sketched out, when countries--Iraq, Yugoslavia, Israel--were founded whose troubles haunt the world still.

    • Foreword / Richard Holbrooke
    • Pt. 1. Getting Ready for Peace. 1. Woodrow Wilson Comes to Europe. 2. First Impressions. 3. Paris. 4. Lloyd George and the British Empire Delegation
    • Pt. 2. A New World Order. 5. We Are the League of the People. 6. Russia. 7. The League of Nations. 8. Mandates
    • Pt. 3. The Balkans Again. 9. Yugoslavia. 10. Rumania. 11. Bulgaria. 12. Midwinter Break
    • Pt. 4. The German Issue. 13. Punishment and Prevention. 14. Keeping Germany Down. 15. Footing the Bill. 16. Deadlock Over the German Terms
    • Pt. 5. Between East and West. 17. Poland Reborn. 18. Czechs and Slovaks. 19. Austria. 20. Hungary
    • Pt. 6. A Troubled Spring. 21. The Council of Four. 22. Italy Leaves. 23. Japan and Racial Equality. 24. A Dagger Pointed at the Heart of China
    • Pt. 7. Setting the Middle East Alight. 25. The Greatest Greek Statesman Since Pericles. 26. The End of the Ottomans. 27. Arab Independence. 28. Palestine. 29. Ataturk and the Breaking of Sevres. Pt. 8. Finishing Up. 30. The Hall of Mirrors
    • App. Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points.
    Original Publisher: New York : Random House, c2003, c2001
    Language(s): English