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The saga of the Jack of Spades

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  • Author: Kantor, Chase
    Contributor: Schneider, Daniel

    "Jack's days are numbered. Surrounded by criminals, assassins, knaves and usurpers, and that's just the members of his own court, everyone is out to get him. For centuries, the Four Kingdoms, the Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, and Spades, waged war upon each other. To stem the bloodshed, the Four of a Kind, an order of holy wise men, were entrusted to keep the peace at any cost. But the wheels of war are turning once more. Bands of criminals amass in the forests of Spade territory, fleets of sea-mad pirates pillage the Heart coasts, and the Four of a Kind, corrupted by their ill-gotten power, play at war. With the Spade King in poor health, Jack, the young Prince of Spades, is next in line to inherit the throne. All eyes are on Jack, and he is eager to prove to the royal court, and himself, that he is worthy of the crown. As a test of his worth, the King, under the direction of his conniving advisor, the Ace of Spades, grants Jack the role of Minister of Executions, a death sentence to those that bear the title. It is up to Jack to round up the enemies of the Spade Crown and deliver the King's justice. As the King's enemies grow more desperate, their murderous aim turns to Prince Jack."--

    Subject(s): Fantasy
    Original Publisher: Canmore, Alberta, Renegade Arts Entertainment
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9781988903729, 1988903726