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Silver linings : stories of gratitude, resiliency, and growth through adversity

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  • Author: Landry, Janice

    Janice Landry asks the question, "What are you the most grateful for?" to fifteen Canadians from five provinces and two Americans. One of the seventeen is Dr. Bob Emmons, considered to be the world's pre-eminent expert in the study of gratitude. Gratitude and resiliency are key cornerstones in the field of mental health. Science-based evidence, discussed by Dr. Emmons and others, underlines the importance of developing and practising gratitude. Research proves being grateful is good for us, both mentally and physically. Gratitude can improve our resiliency before challenges occur in our lives, which they inevitably do. It's easy to be grateful when things are running smoothly. The people in Silver Linings have discovered that gifts may actually emerge from life's toughest challenges. Landry's own gratitude practice was shaken to its core when both her mother and a close friend, assisted-death advocate Audrey Parker, died within weeks of one another while she was writing Silver Linings.

    Original Publisher: East Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia, Pottersfield Press
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9781988286846, 1988286840