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Sonnet's Shakespeare

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    "In 'Sonnet's Shakespeare,' one young, half-dougla (mixed South Asian and Black) poet tries to use 'the master's tools' on the Bard's 'house,' attempting to dismantle his monumental place in her psyche and in the poetic canon. In a defiant act of literary patricide and a feat of painstaking poetic labour, Sonnet L'Abbé works with the pages of Shakespeare's sonnets as a space she will inhabit, as a place of power she will occupy. Letter by letter, she sits her own language down into the white spaces of Shakespeare's poems, until she overwhelms the original text and effectively erases Shakespeare's voice by subsuming his words into hers. In each of the 154 dense new poems in Sonnet's Shakespeare sits one 'aggrocultured' Shakespearean sonnet -- displaced, spoken over, but never entirely silenced." --

    Original Publisher: Toronto, McClelland & Stewart
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9780771073090, 0771073097