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Symbols, selves, and social reality a symbolic interactionist approach to social psychology and sociology

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  • Contributor: Fine, Gary Alan; Martin, Daniel D.
    Edition: 3rd ed
    • 1. Meaning of Symbolic Interactionism
    • 2. Interactionist Toolkit: Methods, Strategies, and Relevant Perspectives
    • 3. People as Symbol Makers and Users: Language and the Creation of Reality
    • 4. Socialization: The Creation of Meaning and Identity
    • 5. Nature and Significance of the Self
    • 6. Role Taking, Role Making, and the Coordination of Action
    • 7. Politics of Social Reality: Constructing and Negotiating Deviance
    • 8. Collective Behavior and Social Movements.
    Original Publisher: New York : Oxford University Press, 2010
    Language(s): English