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Techniques and guidelines for social work practice

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  • Contributor: Horejsi, Charles R.; Horejsi, Gloria A.
    Edition: 9th ed

    This unique text emphasizes the many different techniques needed for successful social work practice. Parts I and II provide knowlege, values, and competencies for effective social work practice, while Parts III through V contain 144 clear and readable descriptions of practice techniques, presented in a handbook format for convenient accessibility of information.


    Social work and the social worker --
    The domain of the social work profession --
    Merging person with profession --
    Merging the person's art with the profession's science --
    The building blocks of social work practice --
    The roles and functions performed by social workers --
    Guiding principles for social workers --
    Practice frameworks for social work --
    Using evidence to guide the change process --
    Techniques common to all social work practice --
    Basic communication and helping skills --
    Basic skills for agency practice --
    Techniques and guidelines for phases of the planned change process --
    Intake and engagement --
    Data collection and assessment --
    Planning and contracting --
    Intervention and monitoring --
    Evaluation and termination --
    Guidelines for working with vulnerable client groups --
    Techniques for sustaining social work practice.

    Original Publisher: Boston : Allyn & Bacon, 2011
    Language(s): English