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Three Little Ships

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  • Author: HARRY, Lilian
    Contributor: Vim Sephton

    Among the 'little ships' setting off for Dunkirk are three very different vessels. There is a London fireboat manned by Olly Mears and his crew, a pleasure steamer from Devon commanded by Able-Seaman Robby Endacott, and a small motor yacht owned by Hubert Stainbank and crewed by his sons Charles and Toby. They are united by the need to find someone who matters to them - Olly is desperate to find his son Joe, Robby is searching for his brother Jan, and Charles his brother-in-law Alex. Unknown to Charles, he also has a stowaway...

    Original Publisher: Perth, Western Australia, Association for the blind of Western Australia
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 0752877070