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Try not to be strange : the curious history of the Kingdom of Redonda

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  • Contributor: Lute, Tom

    In the middle of the Caribbean, there sits a small island called Redonda. But what at first appears to be an uninhabited rock turns out to also be the site of a fragmented, fiercely contested kingdom that dates back more than a century--a kingdom of writers, with little in common besides their shared allegiance to the Redondan throne. Now, Michael Hingston has assembled this unbelievable true story for the first time. Drawing on a cast of characters that includes forgotten sci-fi novelists, alcoholic poets, vegetarian publishers, and Nobel Prize frontrunners, Try Not to Be Strange: The Curious History of The Kingdom of Redonda is a rollicking literary history that blurs the line between fantasy and reality to the point that it may never be restored.

    • 1. An Encounter on the Prairies
    • 2. Guano and Gunpowder
    • 3. Try Not to Be Strange
    • 4. Citation Needed
    • 5. The Hungarian Cure
    • 6. The Light of Other Suns
    • 7. Progression by Digression
    • 8. Magnetic Fingers
    • 9. Kingdom Come
    • 10. A Motley Lot
    • 11. Kingdom Go
    • 12. Stacks
    • 13. No Formal Training
    • 14. The Ascension of King Juan II
    • 15. Lot 74
    • 16. Keep on Thinking
    • 17. Palaces and Passports
    • 18. In the Court of King Xavier
    • 19. The Impostor's Club
    • 20. The Bald and the Grey
    • 21. Wool Socks and Goat Water
    • 22. A Mere Rock.
    Original Publisher: Windsor, Ontario, Biblioasis
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9781771964159, 1771964154, 9781771965903