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Tubes : a journey to the center of the Internet

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  • Author: Blum, Andrew
    Edition: 1st Canadian ed.

    In Tubes, journalist Andrew Blum goes inside the Internet's physical infrastructure and flips on the lights, revealing an utterly fresh look at the online world we think we know. It is a shockingly tactile realm of unmarked compounds, populated by a special caste of engineer who pieces together our networks by hand; where glass fibres pulse with light and where creaky telegraph buildings, tortuously rewired, become communication hubs once again. From the room in Los Angeles where the Internet first flickered to life to the busy hub in downtown Toronto that links Canada to the world; from the coast of Portugal, where a 10,000 mile undersea cable just two thumbs wide connects Europe and Africa to the wilds of the Pacific Northwest, where Google, Microsoft and Facebook have built monumental data centres, Blum chronicles the dramatic story of the Internet's development, explains how it all works, and takes the first-ever in-depth look inside its hidden world.

    Subject(s): Internet
    Original Publisher: Toronto, HarperCollins Publishers
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9781554689798