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Water Inc

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  • Author: Burstyn, Varda
    Contributor: Mathewson, Nancy

    Megawealthy William Greele has put together a consortium of CEOs to build a gargantuan pipeline to pump Quebec water to the U.S. Contemptuous of the concerns of environmentalists and confident that his minions have muzzled the press, Greele coerces a deputy minister into securing government approval. But Greele and his co-conspirators have underestimated their foes, including a high-profile environmentalist; an expert on water pollutants; a bird-loving former air force officer turned whistleblower; an inspired hacker; and a brave and beautiful journalist. Some descriptions of sex and violence, some strong language. 2005.

    Original Publisher: London : New York : Verso, 2005, Toronto, CNIB
    Language(s): English