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Where the stars rise : Asian science fiction & fantasy

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  • Contributor: Mak, Derwin; Law, Lucas K; Pi, Tony

    "All emotions are universal. We born, we dream, we strive, we die...Where the stars rise? Stories that bind us together regardless where we come from or where we are going-on Earth or in space. Futuristic Istanbul. Kerala waters. Cebu jungles. Gyeongbok Palace. Post-apocalyptic Tokyo. Follow twenty-three science fiction and fantasy authors and their stories seen from an Asian perspective and envisioned through Asian eyes. Even beyond being Asian, the characters are diverse within themselves as they explore magic and science and deal with love, race, and politics. Immigrants dealing with racial tension and war camp internment. Orphans facing genocide or questioning the meaning of blood. Families struggling in aftermath of natural disasters or absence of technology. Individuals wrestling between ghostly pasts and uncertain future. Folks striving above class structures or finding a voice in history. But no one is perfect-each is unique, honest, real-a reflection of lives in profound and moving ways."

    • Spirit of wine / Tony Pi
    • The datasultan of streets and stars / Jeremy Szal
    • Weaving silk / Amanda Sun
    • Vanilla rice / Angela Yuriko Smith
    • Looking up / S.B. Divya
    • A star is born / Miki Dare
    • My left hand / Ruhan Zhao
    • DNR / Gabriela Lee
    • A visitation for the spirit festival / Diana Xin
    • Rose's arm / Calvin D. Jim
    • Back to Myan / Regina Kanyu Wang ; translated by Shaoyan Hu
    • Meridian / Karin Lowachee
    • Joseon Fringe / Pamela Q. Fernandes
    • Wintry hearts of those who rise / Minsoo Kang
    • Udātta śloka / Deepak Bharathan
    • Crash / Melissa Yuan-Innes
    • Memoriam / Priya Sridhar
    • The observer effect / E.C. Myers
    • Decision / Joyce Chng
    • Moon halves / Anne Carly Abad
    • The bridge of dangerous longings / Rati Mehrotra
    • Old souls / Fonda Lee
    • The orphans of Nilveli / Naru Dames Sundar.
    Original Publisher: Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Laksa Media Groups Inc.
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9780993969669
    Collection(s)/Series: Read Alberta Ebooks