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The world since 1945 a history of international relations

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  • Contributor: Piotrowski, Harry
    Edition: 7th ed
    • The origins of the cold war
    • The end of World War II and the dawn of the nuclear
    • The cold War Institutionalized
    • The cold War in Asia : a change of venue
    • Confrontation and coexistence
    • Nationalism and the end of colonialism
    • Decolonization in Asia
    • Decolonization in Africa
    • The middle east : the Arab-Israeli conflict
    • The shifting sands of global power
    • The communist Wolrd after stalin
    • The war in Indochina
    • Detente and the end of bipolarity
    • The third wolrd
    • Problems of economic development in the third world
    • Africa
    • Latin america
    • The poeple's republic of China and Taiwan
    • The Indian subcontinent and southeast Asia
    • The emergence of a New landscape
    • Japan and south Korea as economic powers
    • The globalization of the economy
    • Russia : The legacy of soviet empire
    • The proliferating nuclear arms race
    • The emergence of political Islam
    • September 11, Afghanistan, and Iraq
    • The trajectory of the world since 1945 : a summary.
    Original Publisher: Boulder, Colo. : Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2009
    Language(s): English