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You could believe in nothing

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    Derek is forty-one years old. His girlfriend has just left him, his father, a local DJ, is about to go to court, and his rec hockey team is up in arms about a TV reporter's attempts to glorify their weekly games. When Derek's half-brother, Curtis, comes home, the visit stirs up nagging questions about their parents' early days. Having grown up after the decline of whatever might have been the real Newfoundland, Derek and his teammates are generally at a loss to defend the urban, mostly wayward lives they occupy. Set into a wet spring in St. John's, You Could Believe in Nothing is a study in familiarity and self-definition, underlining how little we sometimes know about ourselves and those around us.

    Original Publisher: Halifax, NS, Nimbus Publishing
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9781551098821
    Collection(s)/Series: Atlantic Canadian