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Patron Privacy and the NNELS Connector

Patron Privacy and the NNELS SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Connector

Does NNELS store any of the information collected via SIP? If so, how is it stored and who will have access to it?

  • NNELS creates a local stub account based on the patron's barcode. If an email address has been attached to the account by the patron, and is present and available via SIP, that is also attached to the stub account for purposes of future communication. This is the ONLY information stored in the NNELS system.
  • The system does NOT store patron PINs. Every time PIN verification is required the system queries the SIP servers in real time.
  • The data is stored in a secured mySQL database, part of the Co-op's enterprise hosting centre at Peer1 in downtown Vancouver. Only NNELS administrators and local library staff with administrative accounts on NNELS have access to this data.


Once patrons are authenticated as library members and candidates for NNELS services, is further information collected from the patron?

  • No other data is collected from the patron. Overall NNELS usage data is collected in aggregate, but is not connected to individual users and only reported at the Library and Jurisdiction level. 


Does the patron enter personal information to create an account with NNELS? This information could be detailed, or as basic as a name and email address.

  • Aside from email address (if applicable, as explained above) and barcode, no other personal information is required to create an account or access NNELS.

For convenience, our privacy policy can be reviewed at the following link (