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Lumber trade

  • The Blazed Trail
    WHITE, Stewart Edward

    The Blazed Trail is the story of early lumbermen in the northern woods of Michigan. The novel portrays the challenges faced by the workers focusing on one, Harry Thorpe, as he endeavors to be successful though completely unskilled when...

  • Sometimes a great notion
    Bowden, Charles, Kesey, Ken

    This wild-spirited tale tells of a bitter strike that rages through a small lumber town along the Oregon coast. Bucking that strike out of sheer cussedness are the Stampers. Out of the Stamper familys rivalries and betrayals Ken Kesey...

  • Author:
    Meacham, Leila

    One hundred fifty years of Roses' Tolivers, Warwicks, and DuMonts. We begin in the antebellum South, where Silas Toliver, deprived of his inheritance, joins up with his best friend Jeremy Warwick to plan a wagon train expedition to the...

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