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Updated: Making Community Connections


Library Community,

NNELS is a library service designed for persons with a perceptual disability, otherwise known as a print disability. Because of their disability, many of the people who are best served by NNELS may not enter a library very often, if at all. In order to ensure our library patrons are able to access NNELS, the library needs to reach out and go into the community to promote this service. Manitoba has very active disability communities so as libraries need to seek out opportunities to connect with them. Below is a list of organizations in Manitoba, if possible you may want to connect with their local chapter to promote NNELS in your community:

Many communities will also have a Seniors Residence and Shared Living residences, often referred to as Group Homes. NNELS would be perfect to serve many of the people living in these settings. Another great place to promote the NNELS service in the community is to connect with the local legion.