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Variation in Daisy Book Format Downloaded From NNELS

This observation is in reference to the variation in the Daisy book content downloaded from the NNELS website. From the 12 Daisy books that I downloaded, 9 of them were audio only with minimum text for navigation. Only 3 of the books had both the text and the audio present.   I took my samples from:

·         Recently added

·         Always available

·         Top picks

·         Random search

I can see the talking only (audio) books as being the popular format for those visually impaired; it might be more critical to have the synchronized full text for those users who have other reading issues such as dyslexia.


Thanks for the question.

Typically, live narration only has navigation, whereas synthesized audio will have the syncronized text, so it's really about how it was created.

We hope to post text versions of at least some of the titles later, but that will depend on availability. Moving forward we are planning to post a text version whenever available.

Let me know if you have any further questions.