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What about e-text readers and NNELS?

Files in NNELS are DAISY downloads but DAISY can be text too? And text can be enlarged and used by readers who want Large Print, so how do readers find that in NNELS?

Inside many of the .zip dowloads from NNELS there are e-text files that are usable on numerous devices. Most, if not all, of NNELS synthetic voiced DAISY titles will have an e-text item available.

When you open a .zip folder from NNELS you can look for the file called "content.html".  We are working on multiple file format linking from our items to make accessing this more direct for visitors to our site.

Let us know if access to e-text is important to you as we are working on prioritizing the website development of the filters. We have had similar requests and questions about access to the NNELS Braille files.

Remember too that public library ebooks usually consist of enlargeable text.  Print disabled patrons can use NNELS content for e-text as well as Overdrive and other sources for e-books.