What do publishers, book programs or authors need to know to contribute content to NNELS?

Multiple Titles

National Network for Equitable Library Services offers bulk content ingestion for publishers, authors, partner accessible format producers, and others.

NNELS highly prefers DAISY if available, or electronic text in .doc/.docx format, but can accept the following file formats:

  • Text with images: .epub, doc, .docx, .rtf, .pdf (highly preferred as single file per title)
  • Audio: .mp3 (with playlist, and preferably zipped), .wav
  • DAISY 2 or DAISY 3 in .zip

Files should be named with title, control number, and format. For example, Title_IDnumber_Format.zip. If a folder is present in any .zip file, the folder should be the title name. We prefer that files also come with a checksum report (MD5 is recommended) to ensure integrity of files. Files will be accepted via portable media or via a provided download (e.g. FTP).

A list of titles is preferred as MARC records. Most importantly, with either 028$a or 037$a filled in with the ID number for each title matching the relevant file.

If MARC records are not available, then please fill out the attached batch upload spreadsheet with as much information as possible.

Connect with support@nnels.ca to plan a bulk ingest of your content or if you have any questions.

Single Title

If you have a single title to contribute, please e-mail us with the following:

  • title information (title, author, reader, length, etc.) - as detailed as possible
  • file or link to file
  • statement allowing NNELS to distribute and use the files as per the terms of use, specifying whether it is only for those with print disabilities (login required), or freely available (no login required)

If you have any questions, please contact us at support@nnels.ca.