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What if a patron wants audio but isn't familiar with DAISY? Can we provide MP3?

The short answer is yes.

All the DAISY in NNELS use MP3, so you can copy the MP3s and (if available) the playlist to be used in any device that supports MP3, or burn the MP3s onto a CD.

  1. Download the DAISY from NNELS
  2. Unzip the contents.
  3. Browse (and sort by File Type) and copy all the MP3 files to another folder (alternatively, you could delete everything you don't need).
  4. Also copy the type of playlist file you need (typically the .m3u file).
  5. Load the folder (with your mp3s and playlist) onto the device.

Please note, many devices separate where you load the playlist and the MP3 files, but hopefully the user will be familiar with how to load mp3 files and the playlist to their own device (otherwise, there is likely an online tutorial).

What difference does it make?

DAISY typically has more control in terms of navigation (skip or find by paragraph, section, word, etc.), whereas MP3 players can only skip by track and skip to a specific point by time.

When would you do this?

As the question implies, many users are not familiar with DAISY, but are familiar with loading and managing (MP3) music files. Many devices that allow MP3 (including CD players) but do not recognize DAISY, and a DAISY app may not be available.

Can we simply provide a MP3 version of the title?

Yes. As NNELS grows, you may find titles are available only in DAISY or MP3, but also in both formats to make it easier on users so that they do not have to go through this whole process every time.

Patrons (or library staff) can request the format from us. If willing, we would be happy to have partner and library staff contribute work to the repository. If you've gone through the above process, and made sure the following is true, then it's ready to be uploaded as a MP3:

  • Ensure that the MP3s are tagged (i.e. title, author, etc. information are available for each MP3 file)
  • All playlist formats (m3u, m3u8, pls, etc.) are included. If there is no playlist available, you created a .m3u playlist
  • MP3 and playlist files are named using the format 01_section_name.mp3 (e.g. 02_Dedication.mp3) and Title_name.m3u
  • All files are contained inside a folder using "Title name" (without quotes).
  • The folder is zipped and then named using the format or for new productions, controlnumber_title_name.mp3 (no punctuation). If no control number, substitute a timestamp: YYYYMMDDHHMMSS

If you do not have access to add files to our repository, please contact us.