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All day I dream about sirens

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    "From Homer to Starbucks, a look at sirens and mermaids and feminism and consumerism. What started as a small sequence of poems about the Starbucks logo grew to monstrous proportions after the poet fell under a siren spell herself. All Day I Dream About Sirens is both an ancient reverie and a screen-induced stupor as these poems reckon with the enduring cultural fascination with siren and mermaid narratives as they span geographies, economies, and generations, chronicling and reconfiguring the male-centered epic and women's bodies and subjectivities."--

    • Cover; Title Page; Copyright Page; Dedication; Table of Contents; O, Morning Commuter; I. High Moon; Adidas; Sundial; Thirteen Ways to Optimize Your Underwater Brand; Parthenope; Cattle of the Sun; Refrain on the Rocks; Modest Glitz; Melusine; Bait Song; Private Mythologies; Taraxacum; Refrain on the Rocks; Singsong; II. On the Rocks; Zenith; Summer in Capri; Parthenope, Embodied; The Last Surviving Sea Silk Seamstress; Mercy Mercy; Ichthys; Miraculous Catch; The Fish; Milk Song; Saucebox; Unlettered; Anatomical Machines; Refrain on the Rocks; Sand; III. Third Space; Parthenope and Virgil Refrain on the RocksJuicy Crone; Hapax Song; Disney Song; Private Mythologies; Demeter's Hives; Circe on Sundays; Howard Song; O Jamesy; New No More; Virginia's Moth; Refrain on the Rocks; Notes; Acknowledgements; About the Author
    Genre: Poetry
    Original Publisher: Toronto, Ontario, Coach House Books
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9781770565890, 9781770565906, 1770565892, 1770565906