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Beneath the waves : Newfoundland sea stories

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    Flanker Press, 2006
    Note: This book was purchased with support from the Government of Canada's Social Development Partnerships Program - Disability Component.


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    The waters off the east coast of Canada have seen their share of accidents and disasters during the twentieth century. In Newfoundland alone, countless lives have been swallowed up by the angry seas of the North Atlantic or have fallen victim to the devastating effects of fire, explosions, collisions, and ill fortune.

    In Beneath the Waves, Clarence Vautier navigates the twentieth century, demonstrating the evolution of the fishery throughout these years and detailing the human will to survive through trials of skill, courage, and most of all, luck.

    Stories found within include . . .

    The Loss of Three Rose Blanche Fishermen
    Dorymen from the Freda M.
    Collision in Port aux Basques Harbour
    West Point Tragedy
    The Storm of 1964
    Collision in Halifax Harbour
    La Poile Tragedy
    Collision off Cape Race
    Tragedy at Grand Bruit
    Fire On Board the Wanda R. Deborah
    Medals of Bravery
    The Wreck of the Eastcliffe Hall
    . . . and many more tales of hardship on the frigid North Atlantic

    Original Publisher: St. John's, Flanker Press
    Language(s): English