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My Conversations With Canadians

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  • Author: Maracle, Lee

    My Conversations With Canadians is the book that "Canada150" needs.Harkening back to her first book tour at the age of 26 (for the autobiographical novel Bobbi Lee: Indian Rebel), and touching down upon a multitude of experiences she's had as a Canadian, a First Nations leader, a woman and mother and grandmother over the course of her life, Lee Maracle's My Conversations with Canadians presents a tour de force exploration into the writer's own history and a re-imagining of the future of our nation.In this latest addition to BookThug's Essais Series (edited by poet Julie Joosten), Maracle's writing works to engage readers in thinking about the threads that keep Canadians tied together as a nation—and also, at times, threaten to pull us apart—so that the sense of sovereignty and nationhood that she feels may be understood and even embraced by Canadians.

    Original Publisher: Toronto, BookThug
    Language(s): English