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On not losing my father's ashes in the flood

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    "In his final years, Richard Harrison's father suffered from a form of dementia, but he died without ever forgetting the poems he had memorized as a student and had taught to Richard as a child. In 2013, the poet feared his father's ashes had been lost in the flood water that ravaged Alberta--a crisis that would become the inciting event and central theme of this collection. Combining elements of memoir, elegy, lyrical essay and personal correspondence with appreciations of literary works ranging from haiku to comic books, Richard Harrison has written a book of great intellectual depth that is as generous as it is enchanting."--

    • Machine generated contents note: On Not Losing My Father's Ashes in the Flood
    • Poem in the Arms of Tyrannosaurus Rex
    • Gone
    • This Son of York
    • World Made New
    • Slinky
    • Now is the Winter
    • Descartes, or "Lightcrawler"
    • Poem for a Crescent Moon
    • Found Poem
    • When: A Love Poem
    • Jack Kirby
    • Superman
    • Apostrophe
    • Archive
    • Small as God
    • Just So Story
    • Propaganda
    • Just Who Do You Fuckers Think You Are?
    • Colour Code
    • Ghost Wood
    • Cell Phone
    • Spoken Word
    • Confessional Poem
    • Greatness
    • With the Dying of the Light
    • Ode to a Temporary Urn
    • Creative Writing Teacher Writes to His Wife
    • Borges: "The Riddle of Poetry"
    • Home on Al-Mutanabbi Street
    • More Sex, More Nature
    • Golden Age
    • Epic
    • Saddledome: After the Flood
    • Under Western Water: Returning to Work
    • Maps and Writing Paper
    • Skype
    • This Poem is Alive Because it is Unfinished
    • Poem is a Story that Sometimes Happens to Someone
    • Birthday Card
    • Prayer
    • Wonder of Life
    • Mulligan
    • Haiku.
    Subject(s): Loss (Psychology)
    Original Publisher: Hamilton, ON, Canada, Buckrider Books
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9781928088226, 1928088228