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Rising Up : The Fight for Living Wage Work in Canada

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    UBC Press, 2021
    Note: This book was purchased with support from the Government of Canada's Social Development Partnerships Program - Disability Component.


  • Contributor: Evans, Bryan; Fanelli, Carlo; McDowell, Tom

    Rising Uptraces the history and international context of living wage movements across Canada. This compassionate and astute collection of essays shines a light on alternatives to a neoliberalized labour market, examining union- and community-based approaches to labour organizing, migrant labour, and media (mis)representations, among other key topics. Canada has one of the highest rates of low-wage work among advanced industrial economies. In a labour market characterized by the ongoing fallout from COVID-19, deepening income inequality, job instability, and diluted union representation, the living wage movement offers a response and solutions.

    • 1 Resisting Low-Wage Work: The Struggle for Living Wages / Bryan Evans, Carlo Fanelli, and Tom McDowellPart 1: The "Standard" Employment Relationship: Low-Wage Work2 The Comparative Political Economy of Low Wages / Stephen McBride, Sorin Mitrea, and Mohammad Ferdosi3 Labour Justice: Assessing the Politics of the American Labor Movement / Biko Koenig and Deva Woodly4 Media (Mis)Representations and the Living Wage Movement / Carlo Fanelli and A.J. WilsonPart 2: The Fight for Living Wages in Canada5 The Emergence of the Living Wage Movement in Canada's Northern Territories / Kendall Hammond6 Getting By but Dreaming of Normal: Low-Wage Employment, Living in Toronto, and the Crisis of Social Reproduction / Meg Luxton and Patricia McDermott7 The Living Wage and the Extremely Precarious: The Case of "Illegalized" Migrant Workers / Charity-Ann Hannan, John Shields, and Harald Bauder8 Working for a Living, Not Living for Work: Living Wages in the Maritimes / Mary-Dan Johnston and Christine Saulnier 9 The BC Living Wage for Families Campaign: A Decade of Building / Catherine Ludgate10 Challenging the Small Business Ideology in Saskatchewan's Living Wage Debate / Andrew StevensPart 3: Resistance and Alternatives11 The Living Wage Campaign in Hamilton: Assessing the Voluntary Approach / David Goutor12 Why Business-Led Living Wage Campaigns Fail: The Case of Calgary, Alberta 1999–2009 / Carol-Anne Hudson13 The Low-Wage Economy in the Age of Neoliberalism: What Can be Done? / Tom McDowell, Sune Sandbeck, and Bryan EvansList of Contributors; Index.
    Original Publisher: [Place of publication not identified], UBC Press
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9780774864398, 0774864397