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Underworld lit

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  • Author: Reddy, Srikanth

    Simultaneously funny and frightful, Srikanth Reddy'sUnderworld Lit is a multiverse quest through various cultures' realms of the dead. Couched in a literature professor's daily mishaps with family life and his sudden reckoning with mortality, this adventurous serial prose poem moves from the college classroom to the oncologist's office to the mythic underworlds of Mayan civilization, the ancient Egyptian place of judgment and rebirth, the infernal court of Qing dynasty China, and beyond—testing readers along with the way with diabolically demandingquizzes. It unsettles our sense of home as it ferries us back and forth across cultures, languages, epochs, and the shifting border between the living and the dead.

    Subject(s): Fiction | Poetry
    Original Publisher: LaVergne, Wave Books
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9781950268214
    Collection(s)/Series: Griffin Poetry Prize 2021