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Work and disability contexts, issues, and strategies for enhancing employment outcomes for people with disabilities

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  • Contributor: Parker, Randall M.; Szymanski, Edna
    Edition: 3rd ed

    Work is a central aspect of human life in every culture and every society. In certain societies work may be a means by which individuals define themselves and/or maintain their quality of life. However, as a whole, work is the essential means by which we all attain our basic needs such as food and water. In our modern society, persons with disability face a society in which jobs and education are not as easily accessible or attainable. Disability often complicates the delicate interrelationships between people and work. It may affect work productivity, relationships with coworkers, and relationships at home.

    Original Publisher: Austin, Tex. : Pro-Ed, c2010
    Language(s): English
    Collection(s)/Series: Employment Resources