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A world elsewhere

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  • Author: Johnston, Wayne

    "A World Elsewhere has all the hallmarks of Wayne Johnston's most beloved and acclaimed novels: outsiders yearning for acceptance, dreams that threaten to overpower their makers, and unlikely romance. It is an astounding work of literature that questions the loyalties of friends, family and the heart. At the centre of this story is a mystery: the suspected murder of a child. This sweeping tale immerses us in St. John's, Princeton and North Carolina at the close of the nineteenth century. Landish Druken is a formidable figure: broader than most doorways, quick-witted and sharp-tongued. As a student at Princeton, he is befriended by George Vandermill, son of one of the wealthiest men in America. Years later, when Landish and his adopted son turn to Vandermill for help, he invites them to his self-constructed castle and pulls them into his web of lies and deceit. "--Fantastic Fiction website.

    Original Publisher: Toronto, Knopf Canada
    Language(s): English