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Governor General's Literary Awards Winners 2020

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Congratulations to this year's Governor General’s Literary Award Winners! From the hundreds of submissions come fourteen outstanding books in seven categories and both official languages.

Founded in 1936, the Governor General's Literary Awards have an annual value of $450,000. Each winner receives $25,000, non-winning finalists receive $1,000, and publishers of winning titles receive $3,000 for promotional activities. Since 1936, the awards have been given for more than 700 works by 500 authors, poets, playwrights, translators, and illustrators. The awards are administered by the Canada Council for the Arts, which champions and invests in artistic excellence so that Canadians may enjoy and participate in a rich cultural life.

More information about the GG's and Canada Council for the Arts can be found on the Governor General's Literary Awards website.

It has been a pleasure to work with the Canada Council for the Arts to bring you the 2020 winners in accessible formats. As they have in previous years, the Council granted us early access to the winners' list, which made it possible for us to have them here for you today.

We hope you enjoy these books! Please check out all the 2020 nominees we have in our collection, as well as wonderful books from previous years: 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015.

Félicitations aux lauréates et lauréats des Prix littéraires du Gouverneur général de 2019 ! Parmi les centaines de soumissions reçues, quatorze livres exceptionnels répartis dans sept catégories ont été sélectionnés et ce dans les deux langues officielles.

Fondés en 1936, les Prix littéraires du Gouverneur général ont une valeur annuelle de 450 000 $. Chaque lauréate et lauréat remporte une bourse de 25 000 dollars, tandis que les finalistes non gagnants reçoivent 1 000 dollars. Les éditeurs des titres gagnants reçoivent chacun 3 000 dollars pour des activités promotionnelles. Depuis sa fondation, 500 auteurs, poètes, dramaturges, traducteurs et illustrateurs ont remporté ce prix. Le Conseil des arts du Canada, dont le mandat est de susciter l’engagement des Canadiennes et des Canadiens envers les arts et la littérature, et de promouvoir et soutenir financièrement l’excellence artistique, assume la responsabilité de ces prix.

Vous trouverez de plus amples informations sur les prix du GG et le Conseil des arts du Canada sur le site Web des Prix littéraires du Gouverneur général.

Ce fut un plaisir de travailler avec le Conseil des Arts du Canada dans le but de vous présenter les lauréats et lauréates de 2020 dans des formats accessibles. Comme il l’a fait les années précédentes, le Conseil nous a rapidement accordé l’accès à la liste des gagnants, ce qui nous a permis de vous les présenter aujourd’hui.

Nous espérons que vous apprécierez ces livres ! Vous pouvez consulter tous les livres sélectionnés en 2020 disponibles dans notre collection ainsi que tous les autres excellents livres des années précédentes: 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015.


Five Little Indians, by Michelle Good, published by Harper Perennial / HarperCollins Canada

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Taken from their families when they are very small and sent to a remote, church-run residential school, Kenny, Lucy, Clara, Howie and Maisie are barely out of childhood when they are finally released after years of detention. Alone and without any skills, support or families, the teens find their way to the seedy and foreign world of Downtown Eastside Vancouver, where they cling together, striving to find a place of safety and belonging in a world that doesn't want them. The paths of the five friends cross and crisscross over the decades as they struggle to overcome, or at least forget, the trauma they endured during their years at the Mission. Fuelled by rage and furious with God, Clara finds her way into the dangerous, highly charged world of the American Indian Movement. Maisie internalizes her pain and continually places herself in dangerous situations. Famous for his daring escapes from the school, Kenny can't stop running and moves restlessly from job to job -- through fishing grounds, orchards and logging camps -- trying to outrun his memories and his addiction. Lucy finds peace in motherhood and nurtures a secret compulsive disorder as she waits for Kenny to return to the life they once hoped to share together. After almost beating one of his tormentors to death, Howie serves time in prison, then tries once again to re-enter society and begin life anew. With compassion and insight, Five Little Indians chronicles the desperate quest of these residential school survivors to come to terms with their past and, ultimately, find a way forward.

Romans et nouvelles

Chasse à l’homme, by Sophie Létourneau, published by La Peuplade

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Héritière de Sophie Calle et de Roland Barthes, Sophie Létourneau élabore un astucieux récit performance.

Il y avait l’idée qu’avec le prochain amoureux viendrait le prochain livre. Portée par un jeu d’écriture performative et de provocation du réel, Sophie Létourneau s’engage sur le chemin d’un harponnage amoureux à partir des instructions qu’une cartomancienne lui a fournies. Mêlant ses pas à ceux de Sophie Calle, dans la marche vers une sublimation volontaire de la vie qui la mènera jusqu’à Tokyo en passant par Paris, elle découvre les traits de l’homme de sa vie et cherche à prouver la force d’enchantement de la littérature. Enquête sur l’amour et sur l’avenir, Chasse à l’homme est un récit sérieusement magique qui embrasse les filles, leur désir d’être aimées et de devenir, à défaut d’un grand homme, une écrivaine.
Le réel est un gibier qui charge plutôt que de se laisser capturer.


Norma Jeane Baker of Troy, by Anne Carson, published by New Directions Publishing

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Anne Carson's new work that reconsiders the stories of two iconic women, Marilyn Monroe and Helen of Troy, from their point of view Norma Jeane Baker of Troy is a meditation on the destabilizing and destructive power of beauty, drawing together Helen of Troy and Marilyn Monroe, twin avatars of female fascination separated by millennia but united in mythopoeic force. Norma Jeane Baker was staged in the spring of 2019 at The Shed's Griffin Theater in New York, starring actor Ben Whishaw and soprano Rene Fleming and directed by Katie Mitchell.


La société des cendres suivi de Des lames entières, by Martine Audet, published by Éditions du Noroît

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Un extrait de La Société des cendres suivi de Des lames entières:

La lumière
peu importe
le corps
à un débordement
des mains
Le cœur
d’une chambre à l’autre
porte son nom

La Société des cendres suivi de Des lames entières, par Martine Audet, Éditions du Noroît


This Red Line Goes Straight to Your Heart: A Memoir in Halves, by Madhur Anand, published by Strange Light / Penguin Random House Canada

Available from NNELS in MP3.

An experimental memoir about Partition, immigration, and generational storytelling, This Red Line Goes Straight to Your Heart weaves together the poetry of memory with the science of embodied trauma, using the imagined voices of the past and the vital authority of the present. We begin with a man off balance: one in one thousand, the only child in town whose polio leads to partial paralysis. We meet his future wife, chanting Hai Rams for Gandhiji and choosing education over marriage. On one side of the line that divides this book, we follow them as their homeland splits in two and they are drawn together, moving to Canada and raising their children in mining towns and in crowded city apartments. And when we turn the book over, we find the daughter's tale; we see how the rupture of Partition, the asymmetry of a father's leg, the virus of a mother's rage, makes its way to the next generation. Told through the lenses of biology, physics, history and poetry, this is a memoir that defies form and convention to immerse the reader in the feeling of what remains when we've heard as much of the truth as our families will allow, and we're left to search for ourselves among the pieces they've carried with them.


Hantises. Carnet de Frida Burns sur quelques morceaux de vie et de littérature, by Frédérique Bernier, published by Nota bene, Groupe Nota bene

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Ce petit livre est une grotte, une caverne littéraire sur les parois de laquelle se projettent les hantises et les rêveries d’une alter ego nommée Frida Burns. Brève autobiographie intellectuelle et lyrique, ce carnet interroge les liens hasardeux qui se tissent entre les livres et les existences. Il se veut un hommage à la littérature et aux histoires d’amour (qu’elles soient de chair ou de papier) qui embrasent les êtres, leur permettant de perdre joyeusement leurs contours et d’accéder à la puissance de l’anonyme au cœur du plus intime.

Young People’s Literature (Text)

The King of Jam Sandwiches, by Eric Walters, published by Orca Book Publishers

Available from NNELS in EPUB 3.

Thirteen-year-old Robbie leads a double life. It's just Robbie and his dad, but no one knows that his dad isn't like most parents. Sometimes he wakes Robbie up in the middle of the night to talk about dying. Sometimes he just leaves without telling Robbie where he’s going. Once when Robbie was younger, he was gone for more than a week. Robbie was terrified of being left alone but even more scared of telling anyone in case he was put into foster care. No one can know. Until one day when Robbie has to show the tough new girl, Harmony, around school. Their first meeting ends horribly and she punches Robbie in the face. But eventually they come to realize that they have a lot more in common than they thought. Can Robbie's new friend be trusted to keep his secret?

Littérature jeunesse (texte)

Lac Adélard, by François Blais, published by la courte échelle

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Le lac Adélard a toujours eu la réputation d’être hanté. Certains prétendent y avoir aperçu une étrange fillette portant une cage d’oiseau. D’autres y auraient vu une jeune femme couverte de sang. Élie ne sait pas trop s’il doit croire ces histoires. Ce qu’il sait, en revanche, c’est qu’une petite balade en quatre roues près du lac est un excellent prétexte pour inviter la belle Anna.
Il est loin d’imaginer que cette expédition leur permettra de découvrir une partie de l’horrible histoire que cache cet endroit à la réputation inquiétante.

Young People’s Literature (Illustrated Books)

The Barnabus Project, by The Fan Brothers / Les frères Fan, published by Tundra Books / Penguin Random House Canada Young Readers

Available from NNELS in EPUB 3

In a world built for Perfect Pets, Barnabus is a Failed Project, half mouse, half elephant, kept out of sight until his dreams of freedom lead him and his misfit friends on a perilous adventure. A stunning picture book from international bestsellers The Fan Brothers, joined by their brother Devin Fan. Deep underground beneath Perfect Pets, where children can buy genetically engineered "perfect" creatures, there is a secret lab. Barnabus and his friends live in this lab, but none of them is perfect. They are all Failed Projects. Barnabus has never been outside his tiny bell jar, yet he dreams of one day seeing the world above ground that his pal Pip the cockroach has told him about: a world with green hills and trees, and buildings that reach all the way to the sky, lit with their own stars. But Barnabus may have to reach the outside world sooner than he thought, because the Green Rubber Suits are about to recycle all Failed Projects . . . and Barnabus doesn't want to be made into a fluffier pet with bigger eyes. He just wants to be himself. So he decides it's time for him and the others to escape. With his little trunk and a lot of cooperation and courage, Barnabus sets out to find freedom and a place where he and his friends can finally be accepted for who they are. This suspenseful, poignant and magical story about following your dreams and finding where you truly belong will draw readers into a surreal, lushly detailed world in which perfection really means being true to yourself and your friends.

Littérature jeunesse (livres illustrés)

Pet et Répète : la véritable histoire, by SKatia Canciani & Guillaume Perreault, published by Fonfon

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Le jour où la baleine grise à la nageoire dorsale cicatrisée s'empare de son fils, Jack s'embarque dans une folle aventure pour le retrouver. Le pêcheur sera prêt à tout pour y parvenir, quitte à y perdre... son âme.


Kamloopa: An Indigenous Matriarch Story, by Kim Senklip Harvey, published by Talonbooks

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Come along for the ride to Kamloopa, the largest powwow on the West Coast. This high energy Indigenous matriarchal story follows two urban Indigenous sisters and a lawless trickster who face the world head-on as they battle to come to terms with what it means to honour who they are and where they come from. But how do you discover yourself when Columbus already did that? Bear witness to the courage of these women in the ultimate transformation story as they turn to the ancestors for help to reclaim their power. ​Kamloopa explores the fearless love and passion of Indigenous women reconnecting with their homelands, ancestors and stories.


Cœur minéral, by Martin Bellemare, published by Dramaturges Éditeurs

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Boubacar, jeune cadre canadien, est envoyé par sa compagnie minière dans la région d’origine de ses parents en Guinée Conakry pour régler un problème avec la population. Confronté à une opposition farouche et à la violence des pratiques de ses employeurs, Boubacar va peu à peu remettre en question les fondements de sa vie. Une fresque sur les multinationales, les opérations minières et leurs conséquences humaines. Nourrie par Noir Canada d’Alain Deneault et par une résidence d’écriture en Afrique de l’Ouest, Coeur Minéral est une pièce chorale de l’auteur québécois Martin Bellemare qui sous couvert d’évoquer la réalité dans un pays du Sud est une fine critique des actions des multinationales qu’elles soient basées au Canada, en Suisse ou ailleurs.

Translation (French to English)

If You Hear Me, by Pascale Quiviger, published by Biblioasis; traduction de Si tu m’entends de Pascale Quiviger

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Sliding doors open and close automatically, exit to the left, entrance to the right. Beyond it, cars go by, and pedestrians and cyclists. A large park behaves as if nothing has happened. The mirage of a world intact. In an instant, a life changes forever. After he falls from a scaffold on the construction site where he works, the comatose David is visited daily by his wife, Caroline, and their six-year-old son Bertrand - but despite their devoted efforts, there's no crossing the ineffable divide between consciousness and the mysterious world David now inhabits.

Traduction (anglais au français)

Océan, translated by Georgette LeBlanc, published by Éditions Perce-Neige; traduction de Ocean de Sue Goyette

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Sue Goyette propose dans ce livre étonnant rien de moins que la biographie de l’Océan ! La poète de Halifax réinvente l’univers de l’Atlantique Nord à coups d’images et de métaphores percutantes, de nouveaux mythes et de légendes urbaines que met en relief la traduction absolument singulière de la poète Georgette LeBlanc.