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Finding and Downloading Books Using the NNELS Website

Note for Mac VoiceOver users: To make browsing the website as efficient as possible, enable “Quick Nav” and “Single Key Quick Nav,” if they are not already, by pressing the “left arrow + right arrow” and “VO+Q,” respectively. As we advance, this guide will assume you have these settings enabled.

Login to the NNELS Website

The link to log in is at the beginning of the page, just after the skip to navigation, search, and main content links. This makes it quick and easy to find without exploring the page. Navigate from the top of the page by pressing the down arrow with JAWS and NVDA or either down or right with VoiceOver, and you will locate it in short order.

Activating the “Login” link will load the login page. The title will suggest that you are on the homepage, but if you explore the page, you will locate the login form. You can quickly find the form by pressing “E” with JAWS and NVDA or “F” with VoiceOver to jump to edit fields. You will encounter the search field first, but pressing “E” or “F” again will bring you to the username field. The form is labelled properly and behaves like any other accessible login form, so you can enter your credentials, check the “Remember Me” checkbox if you are not using a public computer, and activate the “Log in” button.

Once logged in, you will be redirected to a page with a status message informing you that login was successful. From here, you can start browsing.

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