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Searching the NNELS Catalogue

Last updated: June 14, 2023

The website’s header contains a search field where you can enter a keyword to search for. This is available on any page, and you can press “E” with JAWS and NVDA or F with VoiceOver to quickly jump to it. You can also press the “Skip to main search” link at the start of the page or press “H” to navigate by heading to locate “Search by Catalogue” to find it. Type what you wish to search for, and either press enter or navigate to and activate the “Search” button to perform a search.

When the search results load, they will include every book which matches the keyword(s) in any way. You can filter the results using the list of options in the header. The “Skip to secondary navigation” link at the beginning of the page will take you to the appropriate section, or you can press “H” to navigate by heading until you locate the “Filters” heading. Each filter category is a heading from here and will be followed by a list of checkboxes for each option. For filters with many options, a “Show more” link will expand the list to include the rest of the choices.

You can filter by accessibility features, format, author, narrator, genre, language, and availability. Checking a checkbox will apply its filter. You can check more than one box in the same category, for example, two genres, to include results matching either of the options. The “Reset all filters” link at the beginning of the section will clear any filters you have set.

Search results are displayed within the main content of the page. You can press “Skip to main content” at the start of the page to jump to it, or JAWS users can press “Q.” Each search result contains the book’s title, author, and summary. There will also be a link to add the book to your bookshelf and a link to download the book. The edition and narrator will be displayed if the search result is an audiobook. The title of each search result is a link which can be opened to view the record page for the book. This link is also a heading, meaning you can press “H” to navigate by heading to quickly scroll through the results list to find a specific title.

Like browsing, Google Chrome will display search results within a list, but Safari will not. JAWS and NVDA can press “L” to jump to it and press “I” to move from item to item. Unlike browsing, the aforementioned heading navigation provides another equally efficient method for browsing results that all screen reader users can use.

Search results will be displayed 15 at a time. Pagination controls after the results list will allow you to browse additional pages of results. A level 2 heading with the text “Pages” is right before the controls, so you can press “2” to skip past the level 3 headings for search results and jump to this heading. Links are labelled with a page number or a word describing which page they lead to.

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