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Utopia : a novel

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  • Auteur: CHILD, Lincoln
    Contributor: Scott Brick

    Rising out of the stony canyons of Nevada, Utopia is a place known for its cutting-edge robots, awe-inspiring holographics, and white-knuckle thrills. Attracting 65,000 visitors each day, it embodies a new generation of entertainment. But serious mishaps are beginning to disrupt the once-flawless technology. A friendly robot goes haywire, causing panic in the crowds, and a popular rollercoaster malfunctions, nearly killing a teenaged rider. Dr. Andrew Warne, the brilliant computer engineer who designed much of the park's robotics, is summoned from the East Coast to get things back on track. On the day Warne arrives, however, Utopia finds itself caught in the grip of something far more sinister. A group of ruthless mercenaries have infiltrated the park's computerized infrastructure, gaining complete control over all its systems. Their communication begins with a simple and dire warning: if their demands are met, none of the park's visitors that day will ever know they were there; if not, chaos will descend on Utopia and every man woman, and child will become a target. Warne finds himself thrust into a role he never imagined - using his expertise to try to protect the lives of thousands of innocent people. As the minutes tick away, Warne's struggle to outsmart his opponents becomes more urgent - for his only daughter is among the unsuspecting crowd in the park.

    Éditeur original: Victoria Park, W.A., Association for the Blind of WA
    Langue(s): English
    ISBN: 0385506686