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How to Rip a CD (to MP3 Files)

There are numerous programs that will help you convert audio CDs to a digital audio files, also known as "ripping" CDs.

Below you will find links to existing tutorials on other sites, as well as notes on the recommended settings and format when ripping.

Windows: Using Windows Media Player

Instructions can be found from the Microsoft Support Website.

Recommended Settings:

  • Format: MP3
  • Audio Quality: 192 Kbps

The "More options..." also allows you to change the location of where the files are stored.

Before Ripping

You will want to make sure that relevant CD information is available (Track number, title, artist, album, etc.). If it has not automatically updated, you can right click on the CD and choose "Update album info".

To populate the information automatically, the program will need to connect to the internet.

Create a Playlist

After ripping is complete, create a playlist using the instructions on creating a regular playlist. When saving the playlist, ensure you save in the same directory as the MP3 files, and the file format is .m3u .