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Can libraries or people donate or contribute their books and audiobooks to NNELS?

Last updated: August 10, 2021

We appreciate the assistance libraries and users would like to provide in donating audiobooks. However, due to copyright issues, we cannot always accept donations or contributions. Generally, if the title you wish to donate or contribute to NNELS is available commercially in an accessible format, then NNELS cannot accept it without the explicit permission of the producer.

Electronic Format
If the digital book or audiobook copy you have is produced by an entity that is not your organization, then permission must be received from the producer to contribute copies to NNELS. NNELS can assist in the process of obtaining permission.  

Titles on cds follow the same protocol as Electronic formats

Physical Media
Material on obsolete technology, particularly audiobooks on reels or cassette, may be digitized under certain conditions. NNELS encourages libraries to partner with other organizations within and outside of the NNELS network to digitize this content. NNELS is available to consult with and assist with decisions. For more information, please contact us.

Print Books
NNELS will accept new or like new print book donations for conversion to accessible formats if the requested format(s) are not commercially available. Print books are typically cut for the scanning process, so they are not normally kept by NNELS and its partners, but frequently recycled afterwards. Please note that NNELS cannot cover shipping costs.

All titles regardless of format need to go through the request process. Please fill in the title request form for a single title and make a note with the format you have available, and that you are willing to cover shipping costs. For bulk requests, please contact us by emailing with all relevant information.

Thank you!