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Logging into NNELS

If this is the first time you are logging in and you have access to NNELS through your library, please use the NNELS link on your library's website. Enter your library card number and your PIN. If you see a “sign out” link or a log in successful message under the “Status message” heading, then you have successfully logged in.

If you do not know where the link is on your library website, please follow these instructions instead:

  1. Click on the "Sign up" link at the top of the NNELS website.
  2. Navigate to the edit field that reads, “Enter the name of your library branch, your library system, or your city/town” and search for your home library.  Visually the “Search for your local library” box will appear under the main menu bar.
  3. Find your home library or branch and select the link that says, “Click here to log in with your library card” or click on the name of your library.
  4. In the appropriate fields below, enter your “Library Barcode” number, email address, a new password in the password and  confirm password fields, your first name, last name, and optionally, a telephone number.
  5. Next there is a check box to select if you want to receive the NNELS Newsletter, and then a checkbox to agree to the terms and conditions of use.
  6. Now enter the NNELS acronym (NNELS in uppercase) into the CAPTCHA field, to show you are not an internet “robot”. 
  7. Lastly, after reading the “terms”, click on “I agree”.

If you see a “sign out” link, or a log in successful message under the “Status message” heading, then you have logged in. Please contact your library if you have any problems.

Once you have logged in for the first time through your library or by using the instructions above, you can use the "Login" link located near the top of every page on the NNELS website for future visits. The log in page will ask for a username and password. Enter your library card number for the username and PIN for the password. Check the “Remember me” checkbox if you would like the website to remember your log in information for subsequent visits, and activate the “log in” button to sign in.

If your account has been created directly by NNELS staff, you can immediately use the "Login" link located near the top of every page on the website and enter the username and password provided. Note that the password field is case sensitive.