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Website Navigation Tips

If you are a screen reader user, you can move through the site by heading, or jump to specific heading levels to easily locate content. If you are using a touchscreen device like a mobile phone or tablet, you can also slide your finger around the screen to get a spatial sense of the layout. If there is a link or button you use frequently, try to memorize where it is, so you can immediately jump there by tapping on that area. This will save you a number of swipes.

It is important to note that if you are navigating the website visually, and are using a mobile device, some of the features will be in different positions on your screen when you switch between vertical and horizontal orientations.

You will notice that some words are written between double quotes. This indicates that the text on the links, buttons, headings, or options we are referring to in this guide,  matches the same text displayed on the site.

You can copy this text into the screen reader’s or browser’s search function, to directly jump to that location.

For those with low vision who would like to adjust contrast settings, click on the theme dropdown list, indicated by the word “Standard”, which is the default setting. If the standard setting does not work for you, you can choose:

  • “Yellow/Blue”, yellow type on blue background
  • “White/Black”, white type on black background
  • “Black/White”, black type on white background.

On a desktop monitor, this button is located on the top left of the screen.  On a mobile device, its location will vary from the top left to the top right of the screen depending on the screen size and orientation.