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Disaster heroes : invisible champions of help, hope, and healing

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    Helpers and heroes shine brightest in darkness. Disaster Heroes recounts the stories of ordinary men, women, and children who have done extraordinary things to help respond, rebuild, and recover from catastrophes around the world. Did you know it was an American from Pennsylvania who ultimately saved the lives of 33 Chilean miners in 2010? Or that the state of Louisiana donated a fire truck, the Spirit of Louisiana, to FDNY following 9/11, all because of a spur-of-the-moment outburst from one Louisiana man? Or that a landscaper from Florida helped save thousands of lives after the 2010 Haiti earthquake? Former journalist Suzanne Bernier, now an award-winning crisis management consultant, instructor and speaker, was first inspired to write Disaster Heroes while participating in her first New Orleans volunteer rebuilding effort following Hurricane Katrina. After hearing so many inspirational stories of help, hope, and healing, she decided to find and profile everyday heroes involved in responding to some of the world's most significant recent disasters. These stories shine a light on everyday heroes who led and inspired others following disasters such as 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, the Chilean mine collapse, the Haiti earthquake, and the Japan tsunami. Many of these stories cross cultures, countries, and continents, highlighting the fact that there are no borders when it comes to helping others. We're all in this together. Regardless of our background, where we're from, or what we do for a living, these inspiring stories remind us that there's a hero in each of us.

    Original Publisher: Suwanee, GA, Faith Books and More
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    ISBN: 1939761328, 9781939761323