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Accused A Heartbreaking Death And The Quest For Justice

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    New Horizon Press, 2015
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    On the afternoon of May 11, 2011, students at Liberty High School in Louisville, Kentucky, discovered a body, facedown and lifeless in a drainage ditch. Within minutes, police officers descended on to school grounds and encountered one of the most violent scenes in their careers. In the hours that followed, the body was identified as fourteen-year-old Terrence (Trey) Zwicker. ACCUSEDtells the story of a family's dysfunction that resulted in a brutal and stomach-churning act. Joshua Gouker wasted no time regaining custody of his son, Joshua. Within weeks of that placement, Trey Zwicker was dead. Trey's step-father, Joshua Gouker, and fifteen-year-old step-brother, Joshua Young, were charged with arguably one of the most heinous crimes in that area's recent history. Young, a former honor student and high school wrestler, stood accused of murdering his own step-brother at his father's bequest. But who was really guilty' ACCUSED author Brittany Drucker utilizes her experience as a criminal defense attorney in the Louisville area to offer revealing evidence and telling insights into the backgrounds of Trey Zwicker, Joshua Young and Joshua Gouker. Drucker addresses the alleged sociopathic tendencies of Gouker, who was gifted with the apparent ability to charm and puppeteer those around him. In addition

    Original Publisher: Far Hills, NJ, New Horizon Press
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9780882824857