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Alberta fireside ghost stories

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  • Author: Smith, Barbara
    Contributor: Ryan, Janice

    Known for her series of true ghost stories, Barbara Smith is back, this time with a collection of fictional ghostly tales set in real Alberta locations. So light the fire and prepare to be spooked by these delightfully eerie stories, including: * A young man trying to get home to Edmonton from Fort McMurray has a brush with death when he takes a ride in a phantom van * Three friends having brunch in Red Deer are joined by the ghost of a woman from a time gone by * The angry spirit of a woman killed on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River gets vengeance on the Edmonton man who caused her death * Kindly spirits give two lonely young people in Lethbridge a nudge in the right direction, forever changing their lives for the better * A well-meaning constable in Lloydminster inadvertently tries to help the ghost of a local hermit in his search for the money he was forced to leave behind when he died * Two soulmates, separated at birth, are reunited in death at the Okotoks Erratic * And more.

    Sujets: Alberta | Ghosts | Legends
    Original Publisher: [Edmonton, Alberta], Lonepine Publishing
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9781774510018
    Collection(s)/Series: Read Alberta Ebooks