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Android commands and settings : a reference guide for eyes-free users

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  • Auteur: Gravelle, Karen

    Ana Garza's reference guide of Android commands with brief explanations assumes you already know how to use Android, but may occasionally need help remembering an accessibility command or setting. If you own Getting Started with Android, you'll notice some overlap. Both books include a complete list of TalkBack gestures and earcons. This book also includes new information on various accessibility settings, low-vision features, hardware keyboards, braille input, USB storage, Bluetooth, and file transfers between your Android and your computer.

    • TalkBack Gestures
    • TalkBack Earcons
    • Accessibility settings
    • TalkBack settings
    • Low-vision settings
    • Hardware settings
    • Hardware keybaords
    • Braille
    • Appendix A: volume level adjustment
    • Appendix B: USB and Android
    • Appendix C: Bluetooth and Android
    • Appendix D: Android device manager
    • Appendix E: File transfers between your computer and Android.
    Éditeur original: Boston, Massachusetts, National Braille Press
    Langue(s): English