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Arab fairy tale feasts : a literary cookbook

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  • Author: Alrawi, Karim
    Contributor: Zobaidi, Sobhi al; Qanembou-Zobaidi, Tamam; Kazemi, Nahid

    Arab Fairy Tale Feasts is the latest title in the highly-praised Fairy Tale Feasts Collection, a creative series that folds enchanting folk tales into cookbooks of kid-friendly recipes. Award-winning writer and storyteller, Karim Alrawi, draws on his deep knowledge of Arab culture to create original stories that are a feast for young imaginations. Told with intriguing details, the tales take young readers on a delicious cultural journey and invite them to consider an Arab perspective. Each tale symbolically incorporates food and concludes with a traditional recipe, lovingly flavored with colorful folkloric illustrations, making this a literary banquet to savor with family and friends across generations time and again.

    Original Publisher: Vancouver, [British Columbia] : Tradewind Books, 2021, Toronto, Ontario, CELA
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9781039599680, 1039599680