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Archaeology and the Iliad : the Trojan War in Homer and history

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  • Author: Cline, Eric H.
    Contributor: Homer
    Edition: Unabridged

    George Washington University professor, Eric Cline examines the real history of Troy and delves into archaeological discoveries. Through his analysis of known data, Cline provides a fuller, richer understanding of this historic clash.

    • The tale of the Trojan War : introduction and overview
    • The Mycenaeans
    • The Hittites
    • The sea peoples and the end of the late Bronze Age
    • Greek literary evidence for the Trojan War and its sequence of events
    • The Homeric question : Bronze Age or Iron Age?
    • Hittite literary evidence for Troy : the Mycenaeans and the Trojan War
    • Heinrich Schliemann and the city of Troy
    • Priam's treasure
    • Wilhelm Dörpfeld and the city of Troy VI
    • Carl Blegen and the city of Troy VIIa
    • Manfred Korfmann and the results of recent excavations
    • Possible motivations and dates for a Trojan War
    • Did the Trojan War take place>.


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